PX Ranger build

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PX Ranger build

Unread post by stinto » March 10th, 2016, 9:03 am

g'day lads, ive just picked myself up a 2013 PX XLT Ranger dual cab ute

before i get started i'll give you a quick run down of myself, my names Nick i'm 21 from Perth WA i'm a auto sparkie by trade and have been working full time in the industry the last 6 years, currently working in the Pilbra (FIFO) the ranger is my 4th fourbie after owning a 80 series cruiser followed by a 100 then a 79 series cruiser (yes i've jump ship and come to the dark side but at least its not a Nissan right? haha) any other questions feel free to ask. now back to the ranger.......

its stock as a rock apart from the light bar mounted on the factory sports bar.

i picked up the ute about 3 weeks ago and have been away with work for 2 of those weeks, ive since ordered about $2000 worth of parts to get the ball rolling heres a list off the top of my head.

To start with i wanted to get the extras (in my opinion) any fourbie should have like floor mats dash mat's etc plus a few extras on top of that heres a quick list

moulded floor mats
dash mat
wind guards for the front and rear doors etc
black covers for all door handles and rear tailgate handle (i plan to black out all of the chrome bits )
fox racing carbon fibre mirror covers
bullseye windshield light bar mount
50" curved light bar
2 different sets of 3" sports bar light bar mounts
10x 10w led work lights (rock and camping lights)
2x flush mount led reverse lights
Raptor grille with 3x amber drl's
2x thumper air compressors with 9L air tank
iron man steel sports bar

thats all i can think of at the moment but ill be sure up post up anything else

sorry if the picture quality is crap im sitting in my donga trying to multitask writing this while packing my bags ( petunia yeah fly out day!!) haha

that'll do for now, will post up again in the day or 2 when i find out what parts are waiting for me at home
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