2015 (MY16) Colorado Build

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2015 (MY16) Colorado Build

Unread post by Colorado Stew » January 24th, 2016, 6:58 pm


New to the forum but back in the 4wd world after some time off.

Bought a new LS crew cab Colorado 4x4, $35500 in the run out sales, and am starting the build.

I know it only fits a 55ah but am fitting an under bonnet battery tray and a canopy first for family camping trips. Going to get a 4 stroke generator or solar panel to compensate for the 55ah. Started spraying the battery tray black, not a fan of the piranha gold colour. Primer first and had some black on hand. A little rough as outdoors with some wind, but a quick 1500 wet and dry and it will be ready.


Looking for some feedback on MCC bars also.

I like the TJM bar for looks, the ARB for looks and practicality but you can not beat the MCC copies for price. Worried about the weight of the MCC bar at 35kg (classic). Is the falcon any stronger. Appears to be the classic with fog lights?


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