YN65 HiLux 3.8L Commodore V6 auto conversion ... issue!

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YN65 HiLux 3.8L Commodore V6 auto conversion ... issue!

Unread post by 85-LUX » December 12th, 2015, 9:23 am

G'Day Ladies and Gents.

So almost exactly a year ago I was trying to decide what motor to put in my Old '85 'Lux to replace the tired old 3Y donk.
Well for better or worse i have settled on the 3.8L Ecotec V6 from a 1998 VT Commodore with the 4L60E 4spd auto.

And so far i must say the conversion has been going really well. I've been taking A LOT of time to to make sure that everything is right, like refurbishing the auto box, replacing every consumable part i can possibly find on the motor and creating hopefully a very reliable fuel system, ect, ect.

Anyway the time finally came to put the motor in the car! So with the auto already bolted onto the transfer case which is then bolted into the car and the old engine mounts cut off, we positioned the motor in the car bolted it on to the gearbox and tacked the Marks Adapters engine mounts into their new home. Anyway with the motor out again and the engine mounts fully welded up in their new location everything starts to go to *****. I noticed when the motor was in the car it appeared to be sitting a bit high, but after turning around the Toyota engine mount that's used on the drivers side it seemed to bring the motor down a lot and it looked better but still a bit high :irked: . I couldn't (and still can't) figure out what I have done wrong because there is no way that i can see for the motor mounts to go any lower on the chassis.
P.S I know its sitting to high because the bonnet won't shut. It latches but will not fully close its hitting on the intake plenum of the motor. And just looking at the rubber mount at the back the transfer case, where it attaches to the cross-member under the car it appears to be a little bit twisted like the front is too far up (its not sitting level)

Anyway after all this I thought maybe you need to do a body lift to do this conversion like you do with so many conversions. But there is no mention of this being the case in the Marks Adapters instructions, and when i called Marks Adapters they said they had never heard of that being a problem before, and I cannot find anyone online who has had the same problem?

So there it is i'm stumped! At this stage we are planing on cutting off the engine mounts again and welding a plate to them and the chassis so we can bring everything down about 50-75mm (not exactly sure how much yet)
But if anyone could offer any useful information I would be very appreciative.
Thanks in advance

When it is done I will defiantly post info, pics and videos on the whole build for you entertainment :)
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