Border Track SA-Vic

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Re: Border Track SA-Vic

Unread post by Peter Aawen » September 15th, 2012, 4:06 pm

Buckman, check out the thread in the Trip Planning section for links to the sites with all the latest info, or you could drop sudso a PM, if he reads it in time he will be able to give you the most up to date info - after all, it's his back yard! They were heading out to put some rubble linings into the bottom of the deeper holes, so people shouldn't lose quite so many vehicles, but I don't think that's happened yet. So if you see a hole with water in it, DON'T drive it until you check how deep it is - some are deep enough to lose your vehicle in! ;)
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Re: Border Track SA-Vic

Unread post by Buckman » September 16th, 2012, 9:33 am

Thanks Peter, will pop a post on there. We did it last year after all the rain and had a ball. The big hole was full to the brim! (needless to say we opted for the dry route around it!)

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