O'Tooles Flat Campgrounds

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O'Tooles Flat Campgrounds

Unread post by Colorado Col » August 12th, 2014, 2:36 pm

Hi All, Went for a drive up to The Summit of Mt Useful yesterday 11/08/14 ( high above Walhalla, Vic ) which was fantastic, then back tracked to Donnelly's Creek Track and we wheeled on through to O'Tooles Flats Campground,( my favourite spot to sit by a campfire and crack a can), and was disgusted to see that some hoons had decided it was their duty to use the grounds again for some circle work and create mud pits out of the grass that was going so nicely. with so many tracks around the area that they can go bat out of hell, why didn't they just use them and care for the campground, Little O'Tooles Campground was gated and locked and if this keeps out so will O'Tooles Flat be also, come on guys use a little bit of sense for F sake.

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Re: O'Tooles Flat Campgrounds

Unread post by Gippslander » October 7th, 2014, 6:58 am

Seems that area and Merringtons are just perfect for a bunch of tools to mess up, this has happened several times over the last few years, also people leaving crap all over the place from beer bottles to baby nappies absolutely disgusting. If they are not going to respect the bush and they are caught in the act they should be banned so the rest of us dont have to put up with their mess and destroying the tracks.
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