Vic High country 1st timers

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Vic High country 1st timers

Unread post by sturty1984 » May 5th, 2014, 9:28 pm

My wife and I and our three kids finally got the chance to use our 2005 Prado in some decent terrain on the Easter weekend. we travelled from Tumut down through Corryong, we met up with a local and he gave us a detailed guide on what to see.
we then travelled south towards Benambra for 30 mins to a track off to the left named scrubby ck track it was a great intro to the Vic high country, we drove on that track for another 45 mins till we came to ski hut (Lind Lodge) which we stayed the 1st night at.
After a really cold night we were up nice and early and on the tracks again, we travelled down Cattlemans ck track too Wheelers ck hut (People everywhere) we continued on driving up wheelers ck log road until turning sharp left onto the very scenic MT Gibbo Track, the road was in great condition from recent grading with only a few rough sections one being the last 100mtrs to the top of MT Gibbo (Great Views) where we stopped for lunch. We leave still in low range due too the steepness and drove to Mt Anderson and onto MT Pinnibar (Spectacular Views) we didn't stay long to soak up the cold weather.
We back tracked about 1km to a turnoff to the left onto Mt Pinnibar track with some very slow Technical driving from my wife due to no lift kit we got down the steep rutted sections with no damage, we kept driving down too the Murray river crossing at Tom Groggin, the entry from the Victorian side was all chewed out from a 1000 vehicles on the long weekend coming out was a lot easier in NSW, we set up camp at Tom Groggin which is such a beautiful place to camp.
In the morning we decided to cross back over the river and head towards Davies plain Hut, its a really nice scenic drive to the hut.
We continued on to get our 3rd camp set up early at the poplars down by the Murray River, I highly recommend this camping area, we were the only ones there at that time but id imagine it gets really busy. The McCarthys track down there was great. Prior to leaving camp on Tuesday morning I studied the map and decided that heading south is a great option even though the map said steep, I thought it couldn't get too much steeper than MT Pinnibar Track so my wife decided she wanted to drive again, little did I know hahaha.
Everything was going great driving along limestone ck track back and forth up the side of the hill then it turns and goes straight up, even with it getting rough at the top my wife handled it perfect (I drive the sealed roads now hahaha) we finally reached the top and had to check the views. (the kids slept through the whole wild ride)We followed that track all the way out to Benambra, had a nice hot pie from the shop. We drove back north towards Corryong till we reached Wheelers ck log road to drive back down to Wheelers ck hut to stay our final night with not much company (awesome).
One thing our family learnt is that we will be going back to the Vic high country very soon.

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Re: Vic High country 1st timers

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Great stuff, lets hope that the next trip there isn't your last trip to the High Country either

It's beautiful territory

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