Track report Walhalla - Licola - Howitt. Nov 2013

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Track report Walhalla - Licola - Howitt. Nov 2013

Unread post by beejamine » November 25th, 2013, 6:48 pm

Just did a weekend trip with a few mates from Walhalla to Howitt Plains. Sadly ran way out of time to make it to Dargo.
Thought I;d give some trail feedback for anyone considering a trip up this way.

Walhalla region tracks:
Army Tk - Very well maintained and graded. Couple of tight switchbacks but very easy going.
Morning Star - Graded recently and very easy going.
Burgoynes Gap (Macalister Gorge) - Well maintained with loose rocky and steep sections. Was raining and very slippery on the steep parts. Gorge crossing wide but river low at the time. Coming up to Licola Rd steep and loose rock but nothing very difficult.

Licola region:
Black Soil Tk - Well maintained with some loose areas but fairly easy.
Macalister River Tk - Reasonably maintained with some overgrowth with ruts and muddy areas. Parts of the track had fallen away but was still plenty of room. Some really nice camp spots along here.
Butcher Country - Steep and rocky in places. Very long at around 3 hours to travel its entire length. Very boggy with large ruts at the top near Howitt, but a number of line options to avoid the deepest ones. Had enough rain to keep it interesting and with more the rocky sections would get very slick.
Caledonia River Tk - Steep from Howitt Rd decending to the river. Well maintained. River not deep at this time but some fairly rough rock bottoms on some of the crossings (I think there was around 15 crossings). Much quicker route than Butcher Country.
Dingo Hill Tk - Very steep, with some very tight switchbacks. Well maintained but clay was slippery. Would get very hard in very wet conditions. No ruts.

Cars travelling were: GQ Patrol (33' AT's), GQ Patrol (35' MT's). 2 x GU Patrols (35' MT's), JK Jeep shorty (35' Mt's)

Best areas I found were Burgoynes Tk into the Macalister Gorge, really nice area and super easy to get to. Morning Glory Hut looked well maintained and had some work being done whilst we were there for lunch. Caution in high water times as the crossing is fairly wide. Butcher Country from Macalister River was amazing with great views along the ridge and Dingo Hill just for the clenching moments when the rain was turning the clay to sludge.

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Re: Track report Walhalla - Licola - Howitt. Nov 2013

Unread post by oohsean » November 28th, 2013, 12:04 pm

Awesome report, plenty of good info there thank you.

Glad to see you had a good trip.

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