The Creb and Bloomfield Tracks

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Re: The Creb and Bloomfield Tracks

Unread post by Towie » June 19th, 2014, 7:57 pm

Guys the Crebb is clossed indefinately due to Cyclone Damage it is impassable i mean 100%.
The Creb never opens this early usually later in the year due to having to dry out.

Roaring Meg you have to get a permit online via local Council but can access from the Nth end but not worth the longish drive in from there IMO.

Ayton yes you can camp on the beach just North of Wudjal Wudjal but Alcohol Laws apply in this area so be careful.

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Re: The Creb and Bloomfield Tracks

Unread post by just do it mike » June 14th, 2015, 9:37 am

Just thought for those who are interested. We brought the lifted SX4 over from the UK and successfully drove the Bloomfield Track. It was surprisingly easy with just one slightly concerning issue being the 1 in 3 hill. This was probably as the bigger tyre sizes increased the ratio of 1st gear but with a bit a aggressive use of the clutch we made it and headed for The Lion Den for a refreshing drink.

We had decided to push this challenge further so when we did the Bloomfield track the car was loaded for a 2 week trip to Cape York and our plan to get to the beach at 'The Tip'. We had all our provisions, a large Engel freezer, fridge, camping kit, tools, fishing gear, spare fuel, etc. I guess probably about 200 kg of kit. We did Battlecamp Road, Lakefield national Park, then on to The Tip and took a photograph of the car on the beach. We picked 2 of the wettest days and after Musgrave Roadhouse the roads turned to thick mud. (4" of rain a day for two days). That was an intense drive with big hole filled with mud and water, even the big 4x4s were sliding all over the place and we did the same. We returned via Weipa.

Hard on the car - yes. We had the wheels realigned and balanced on our return to Cairns and have a weeping rear shock absorber.

Other than that mechanically the car did incredibly well. The AWD system and locks exceeded expectations and punched far above its weight. My wife said she was glad to have done the trip but would not want to do it again. But it was a great adventure.

just do it mike

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