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Important information for buyers and sellers

Posted: September 16th, 2010, 4:34 pm
by Brendan
4WD Action provides these Classifieds for members to privately buy and sell their no longer needed (& typically second hand) 4WD parts and accessories. However, please take note of the following;

You should set out your terms and conditions of sale to your buyer.
You should know about what statutory laws apply when you sell a good.
You should not mislead or deceive a buyer.

You should check what are the terms and conditions of sale with the Seller.
You should be aware of your statutory rights.

See also for more information on fair trade in the market place.

Sorry, but Vehicle Sales (and adverts for vehicles/sales) are not allowed in the Forum at all, so for these you will need to go to the Shed and submit an advert there, in the layout and format provided.

Please note that there is to be NO vendor advertising allowed on these forums, no exceptions. This is a place for members to privately buy and sell (typically second hand) 4WD parts and accessories. These sections function well as a way to connect buyers and sellers and we want to keep it this way. Just to clarify, we consider anyone who sells multiples of the same item to be classified as a vendor. That doesn't mean you can't sell both your sets of spotlights, but if you've got 10 pairs to offload then this isn't the place for you.

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