*PLEASE READ - Advert Rules (inc Locn in Title) & Layout.

Drive train components, vehicle spares and parts etc.
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*PLEASE READ - Advert Rules (inc Locn in Title) & Layout.

Unread post by mudnut1 » May 27th, 2004, 12:13 pm

The 'For Sale Section' is for private sellers only. No trader ads. Any traders who abuse this condition will be banned, please respect this request.

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Re:DISCLAIMER - Please read!!!

Unread post by baby_troupe » February 23rd, 2005, 9:23 pm

One more thing.
These for sale sections are not somewhere where thread hijacking is acceptable.
Please keep these threads on topic & only post legit questions related to the particular item and the like.
We will lock threads when items are sold.

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**Advert Rules (inc Locn in Title) & Layout - Please read

Unread post by Humpy » April 12th, 2005, 7:15 pm

Only post an advert in one section of the Classifieds.

Please include a short outline of your items and YOUR LOCATION Region &/or State (eg Nissan TD4.2 Water pump & other spares - [Sydney] ) in your thread title; and then provide the following information in your ad

ITEM: (including Quantity)

And when the items have been sold, DO NOT delete the title or replace it entirely, and also do not delete any of the text in the first post:


just ADD the word SOLD to the end of the title
by editing the first post
(eg Nissan TD4.2 Water Pump & other spares - [Sydney] - SOLD).
If you have any hassles/questions, PM any Mod & we'll try to help.

NOTE: If your 'Classifieds' thread remains inactive for more than 2 months your thread will be closed & deleted; and
Please do not post links to or duplicate your advert elsewhere in the Forum, we've collected all the classifieds in these sections to avoid attracting low lives & spammers, any links or duplicates void that effort & will not be allowed to remain!

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