Where to anchor / install Dual Cab Drawers

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Where to anchor / install Dual Cab Drawers

Unread post by NotEnoughTime » December 6th, 2015, 8:27 pm

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a little guidance on a set of drawers for my dual cab colorado.

I have been tossing up either buying a set of Titan drawers (seem decent value for money) or building my own. I made a custom set for my previous GU a few years ago, so am not concerned about building them in plywood etc, except that I don't know what to / where to anchor them. In the GU there were points everywhere, but I am assuming that I will need to start drilling.

Are there any preferred points in the tub to drill into, and any points to stay away from? Especially considering the cantilever action of a 1200mm drawer at full extension.

I have been looking through the forum, youtube, and google to try and find some pics, but they seem to only show installs in wagons. Nothing about where to anchor drawers in a dual cab.

Does anyone have any pics, comments etc that they could post to show the best locations.

Thanks for your help.

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