[video] DIY milk crate recovery tracks tested

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[video] DIY milk crate recovery tracks tested

Unread post by kam111111 » July 17th, 2015, 6:46 pm

Hi guys,

we tested the popular idea of self made milk crate recovery tracks and filmed it. Check it out!


DIY milk crate recovery tracks vs matrax vs treds on a bogged Jeep

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Re: [video] DIY milk crate recovery tracks tested

Unread post by Peter Aawen » July 18th, 2015, 10:47 am

Thanks for the vid!! Great comparo, are you going to do any more along the same lines? Lotsa things you could do them on. And besides the obvious educational & instructional benefits, it does give us an opportunity to discuss recoveries &/or the DIY gear, and also to make a couple of things about 4WD Self Recoveries clear to us all.... that is apart from reminding us all not to break the cardinal rule of NEVER spinning your tyres for long when on/using MaxTrax or Treds (that'll chew the lugs off them!!) :sillywink:

1. ALWAYS do some digging to clear sand/whatever from under the diffs & in front of tyres etc so that the vehicle does't hafta levitate up & over the humps in front of them;

2. It's very important when using MaxTrax or Treds etc to dig the plate into the ground at the front of the wheel, HARD, so that the MaxTrax is sticking up at about 45* and so the tyre is already pressing on it before you start to try & drive out of a 'bog'; and

3. When you do start to try & drive out of a bog like that, ALWAYS start gently, & if you are using them, NEVER spin your tyres for long when on/using MaxTrax etc, or you'll chew the tread bits off the MaxTrax. :sillywink:

Ps, I tried to resist, I really did, I promise.... but when my wife & grandkids watched the vid they all immediately asked how come you could get the Jeep bogged so easily...?? :urgh: Sooo, I gotta say that you must've had too much pressure in the tyres of that Jeep to be able to bog it like that! Every time I try to do a similar demo (& with over 20 plus years of training 4WD'ers behind me, I've done a just few demo's & tried to bog a few vehicles on the beach!!!) I hafta dig a hole first; cos if I try to dig the rear wheels in by using 2WD like your vid showed, the vehicle just drives off.... :( And that's even more likely when I'm driving a vehicle with a Detroit Locker in the rear!! :D

Pps, if it comes to that sort of recovery (when I don't have MaxTrax of course!!) after digging tracks for all 4 wheels & the diffs/underbody clear, I use a couple of lengths of shade cloth, 1m wide by 6m long, rolled out in front of the wheels & trod into the sand (to get some grip thru the open weave) as well as forcing the leading edge in under the tyres before trying to gently drive out - hasn't failed yet!! And they fold & roll up a lot smaller than any of the devices/methods you showed above, as well as being handy for a variety of other things: ground sheets for swags, tents etc; wind breaks or blowing-sand breaks for camp-fires & camp sites on the beach etc...
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Re: [video] DIY milk crate recovery tracks tested

Unread post by Duke1340 » July 20th, 2015, 3:49 pm

Great video on how NOT to use a set of recovery tracks.

All that wheel spinning is a great way to destroy a $300 set of Max Trax.

Rod (Duke)
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Re: [video] DIY milk crate recovery tracks tested

Unread post by Shann Low » July 20th, 2015, 4:02 pm

a $300 set of Max Trax
Surely to goodness one could 3D print a set at home for less than that? :confused:

They are plastic for goodness sakes!


Not only no - but hell no! :D :lol:

Id sooner stay bogged!

2 bits of pine (from Bunnings nowadays) nailed together.... that what my grandpa used 50 years ago!

or something like these?


I dunno $300 bucks?... :rolleyes:

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Re: [video] DIY milk crate recovery tracks tested

Unread post by turtl3tim » April 27th, 2016, 8:13 pm

ive always thought about picking up some 4x4 tyres from the verge side collection, or some blown truck tyres that u quiet often see on major roads. if i picked up some whole 4x4 tyres from verge side with punctures/torn sidewalls, i would cut them across the tread width, then i would cut 90-95% of the sidewall out. these recovery tracks, if they worked, would be much like the flexible rubber recovery tracks that are shown above, but they would be more rigid and wouldnt cost anything...i recon they would grip better than the plastic tracks, and i figure a good 'out of the way' place to store them would be wrapped around the spare wheel ( obviously more beneficial and accessible if you have a rear wheel carrier).

and if u pick up blown truck tyres then most of the work is done for u, especially if they were re-treads, all you would need to do it trim them to a length that fits snugly around your spare wheel.

thoughts anyone? has this already been done by someone else or am i onto a new, cheap, diy design that will put treads and maxtrax out of business?
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