rebuilding and turbo 2.8non turbo hilux not sure if worth it

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rebuilding and turbo 2.8non turbo hilux not sure if worth it

Unread post by Luxxin » November 30th, 2014, 1:38 am

Hey guys, im looking to rebuild my 91 ln106 non turbo hilux. As its done about 300,000 and im parking her up for a few months i was wondering if anybody has ever done one personally before? Any tips as to what psi to run, best places to find a manifold etc. It will be my first rebuild as im only 20, but keen to start learning and i cant see a better old rig to work on. cheers

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Re: rebuilding and turbo 2.8non turbo hilux not sure if wort

Unread post by smith29 » December 4th, 2014, 9:05 pm

Hey mate, these engines are pretty basic so will be fairly straight forward.
What is actually wrong with the engine? If it's only a bit smoky and uses a bit of oil you may just get away with an in chassis rebuild. There is plenty of room to remove the head and sump in these vehicles to drop the rods and pistons out.

If your planning on running a turbo (as you are by the sounds of it) it will probably be easier to remove the engine and get it all machined and rebuild it using components that are up to the task of running a decent amount of boost, these coats will start to add up unless you can do all the mechanical work yourself.

Plenty of other people will be able to guide you on what parts to use but your best bet would be to speak to your local engine builder.

Good luck on the project.

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