Potential wheel nut issue

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Potential wheel nut issue

Unread post by Wing3 » February 13th, 2018, 4:48 pm

My Colorado 7 (September 2012 build) has wheel nuts with chrome covers. As I have discovered, these wheel nut covers are easily twisted and ripped when trying to remove or replace the wheel. Once damaged, the underlying nut is no longer 19mm, but more like 18.5 mm. A 19mm socket may then round off the wheel nut, and the straightforward task of wheel removal or replacement, becomes a real saga. Not something you would want to have to deal with on the side of an isolated dirt road.
I have just had the local Bob Jane replace all my wheel nuts with proper 19mm ones.
The manager mentioned that Ford and Mitsubishi are also starting to use the same sort of chrome covered caps on their wheel nuts. May be worth a quick check on your new 4x4.

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Re: Potential wheel nut issue

Unread post by hoyks » February 13th, 2018, 5:46 pm

Ranger/BT50 have the same issue.

Not a problem if you put the socket on correctly when removing/installing the nut, but if some muppet at the dealer/tyre shop chews them up, then its a bit of work to peel the cap off and get an 18mm socket on. As you said, definitely no good if you are a long way from home.

I got a bag of 24 spare nuts with some rims I bought, I've given them a bit of a nudge. They are cheap enough to replace with solid 19mm nuts though.

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Re: Potential wheel nut issue

Unread post by AmpLighter » February 21st, 2018, 9:20 pm

Same here, The Jeep Lugs have this thin metal shield over the main lug, which we hate. Upgrading to a more secure and solid lug was our best option. McGard or any other solid wheel lug would be best suited for your rig. I'll never understand why Jeep and other automakers use these types of wheel lug knowing the thin cover/caps will wear off or twist off.

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