What do you think of TOYO Tyres?

Advice on the right rolling stock for your 4WD
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What do you think of TOYO Tyres?

Unread post by torque_1 » January 31st, 2014, 11:48 am

I'm a bit of a newbie to 4WD, but I took my car into the mechanic the other day to start getting it set up for some 4WDing, and he suggested (amongst other things) that I get some TOYO tires.
Does anyone have any opinions/ warnings and reviews of TOYO?

Are they reliable, or should I look elsewhere?

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Re: TOYO Tires

Unread post by ATC » January 31st, 2014, 12:13 pm

There should be a thread in this section about Toyo , use the search function at the top.

Take you time and also read the Coopers, Bridgestone, Goodyear Micky Thompson and many others that are also here.

Lots of people go "What tyre should I get?"
The answer comes down to that type of driving you do Touring, Mud, Sand, Rock crawling etc...

What sized rims you have & what 4wd also.

If you put bigger tyres on without changing diff ratios then you loose power / torque etc...
and may compromise fuel consumption, speedo accuracy e and other things.
This can often be compensated for depending on the make and model of your 4WD.

Most importantly if you don't need new tyres now, then spend some time researching & reading.
There is a lot of other brands than just Toyo, and some may be a bit cheaper also.


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Re: TOYO Tires

Unread post by Aussie_Dan » January 31st, 2014, 2:15 pm

Toyo make excellent tyres, no question about it.
I have a 2nd set of rims with 764 Bighorns. I chose the bighorns only because the Toyo Open Country MT's were hideously expensive. Too expensive for me to justify the money simply for a set of 'play' tyres.
I have Toyo's on my other car though (road car) and find them to be excellent. They grip well and last the distance. Not a great comparison though, when you are in need of 4WD tyres....
My tyre dealer swears that the Toyo M55 is hands down, the strongest and toughest tyre that money can buy. I've also read on this website that other forum members agree with this - very strong but work best with a lot of weight on board and tyre pressures may have to be lower than other brands of tyre of the same size.
I noted whilst watching the Dakar earlier this month that a great number of vehicles (possibly the majority of vehicles?) in the rally ran Toyo MT's. Now obviously sponsorship would play a part in this but regardless of that, I would be certain that Toyo tyres would not be getting used in that race unless they were up to the task. Nobody is going to fit their extremely expensive race cars with a tyre that has a bad reputation and then torture it for hundreds of kms each day!
Cheers, Dan.

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