After a Gauge for Battery condition & use? What is there?

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After a Gauge for Battery condition & use? What is there?

Unread post by Jacko74 » August 9th, 2018, 12:40 pm

Hi. New member. Great site. I’m wanting to buy a gauge that tells me battery Ah, volts and Ah being used. Thank you.

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Re: After a Gauge for Battery condition & use? What is there?

Unread post by Peter Aawen » August 11th, 2018, 12:15 pm

Welcome to the Forum Jacko! :thumb:

While gauges showing volts for your vehicle battery are fairly readily come by, in a range of quality & sizes, and are relatively easy to fit, they don't give you much really useful info... Sure, they tell you what the 'resting voltage' is when the engine isn't running, probably 12-13 volts, but as soon as you start up, if they are wired in the way most are, they will usually only tell you what voltage the alternator is putting out, and that's likely to be always around 13-14 or so volts if your alt is doing its thing properly. Yes, they can give you an indication of what's up if you tend to park your vehicle up for a while &/or camp for some days with a load on the battery so you can see how much or how little usable charge you've got left before you need to do something to recharge the battery - remember, most 12 volt car batteries are pretty much FLAT & probably DEAD if they get below about 11 volts!! And with most alternators &/or most readily available solar panel systems, it'll take pretty much the same sort of time to re-charge yourbatteries as it took to discharge them!!

All that lot said, finding & installing something to show you the battery condition in AmpHours (Ah) & the Ah being used is a whole 'nuther ball game! :eek: Even if you do find something that'll fit & display in the cabin, it's likely to be pretty expensive & fairly hard to wire in, basically because it'll need to be wired 'in line' with ALL the power being used actually passing thru it, one way or another!! Some devices can be clipped or placed around the wire carrying current, others need to be wired into the circuit between the power source & the load (ALL the load?) Beyond the portable 'multi-meter' bits of kit, neither type are usually all that cheap or readily applicable to use in a moving & operating vehicle?!? I'm not sure if something like a scangauge on a 'largely computer controlled' vehicle could help, but maybe one of the more 'electronics minded' readers could add some helpful info - my old school understanding of 'green steam & how to keep it working' on these more up-market automobile contraption thingies is getting a little dated.... :sillywink: But I do know that if you let the smoke outta the wires, it's stuffed! :p
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