LED headlight low/high beam not working

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LED headlight low/high beam not working

Unread post by Hughshilux » January 31st, 2018, 12:53 am

Hey guys! ive only ever read posts on here and never posted so this is all new!
i have a problem with my Ln107, i bought some osram 105 watt headlights and when i went to install them they wouldnt work! so i hardwired them to a battery just for a millisecond to see if they worked and they are perfect! so i thought maybe just some terminal swapping would work! nope. terminal swapping however got me as far as either low beam working or high beam working not both :irked:

the next thing that came to mind was a load resistance issue and so i bought some H4 load resistors off of eBay and still no go :irked:

with the resistance theory debunked i then went onto thinking because my hilux is negatively wired that maybe having a relay would help the problem! and being one of the first times i have used a relay i wired it as such

86 pin - earth
30 pin - battery
87 pin - 12v power on the back of the headlight
85 pin - touched it against all three H4 wires while flicking the high beams on

* i did swap around the 87 pin because i wasn't exactly sure if that was right

at this point i have been trying for days and have attempted everything that comes to mind, it is just driving me up the wall! any help at all would be greatly appreciated and i thank you in advance!

Brett Mcleod
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Re: LED headlight low/high beam not working

Unread post by Brett Mcleod » January 31st, 2018, 7:18 am

have seen this question come up a few times on facebook & seen this diagram posted in comments many times.
stole this pic from the 75 series owners page.

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