Engel keeps blowing 10amp Fuse - Help!

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Engel keeps blowing 10amp Fuse - Help!

Unread post by Bedmaker » August 31st, 2017, 7:42 am

Hi all
I’ve just had a new 12 volt system installed in my canopy. Its a twin battery set up and both batteries are brand new fully charged. My problem is when I plug my Engel 30litre fridge into the Cigarette socket they installed as part of the set up it blows the 10amp fuse in the Engel (the one above where the cord plugs in).
It did this twice so I replaced the 10amp fuse with a 15amp and it seems to be working ok. Before this I just had the Engel running off the main battery and I never had a problem with fuses blowing.

Any ideas why this would be so??
Do you think it will cause any problems leaving the 15amp fuse in??

The batteries are wired together for 12volt NOT 24v.

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Re: Engel keeps blowing 10amp Fuse - Help!

Unread post by Peter Aawen » August 31st, 2017, 10:20 am

Hi Bedmaker, seriously, putting a bigger fuse in there is almost always a BAAAAD idea!! I would NOT leave the fridge running like that; well, not if you want to keep your fridge working &/or would like to keep your vehicle!! :boggle:

Besides, now that you've told the world that you've just installed a bigger fuse instead of finding the electrical fault causing the correct fuse to blow, it's waaay more likely that your Insurance company just won't even consider paying out if your car now burns to the ground from an electrical fault!! At the risk of trying to teach some readers to suck eggs, the thing to remember about fuses is that they are chosen to be the max safe level for the wiring & devices they are protecting, and a fuse blowing means that something in that circuit is wrong - fitting a bigger fuse usually just lets everything get that much closer to melt-down or catastrophic failure before the fuse sacrifices itself to prevent all the electrical smoke getting out... & that's never good!! :petrified:

As for what the problem really is, there's not much we can do from here to test things, so any diagnosis is likely to be a bit of a WAG.... maybe you should go over the work just done AND the fridge, fridge power lead etc with a multi-meter & check the voltage, look for shorts, &/or big current draw. It is possible that fridge fuse blowing is purely coincidental, but I suspect the smart money would all be on the work that's just been done, so be extra careful in checking that! :purplex:

Sorry I can't be of more specific help. Good Luck :thumb:
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Re: Engel keeps blowing 10amp Fuse - Help!

Unread post by mydmax » August 31st, 2017, 9:58 pm

I wouldn't use a cigarette llighter socket for a fridge supply as they are too unreliable. They don't conduct electricity very well and are used because of convenience, not integrity.

If the OE fuse in the fridge is blowing, it could be the ciggy socket/plug isn't passing enough and the fridges switchmode power supply is trying to draw more current to make up for the lack of voltage under load. In other words the energy it needs isn't met by the connection.
I would see/feel if the ciggy area is getting hot. If deficient, it heats up and will possibly melt.

The fridge, if older or been in hot areas or used continuously for long periods, may have a sick electrolytic capacitor in the switching circuit. That WILL mean if the previous connections are good, it will be drawing more current as the switching isn't happening properly to develop the 20vAC approx, it needs to run the solenoid pump. You should insert a multimeter reading AMPS in the pos or neg line of the fridge. If the current is more than 3 amp when running, you have a sick power supply in the fridge.
As it is, I wouldn't use it without checking the connections and current use, as it will let you down when you need it most.

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