Supersprings vs extra leaf spring on Dual cab D22 Navara

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Supersprings vs extra leaf spring on Dual cab D22 Navara

Unread post by natcore83 » October 18th, 2015, 11:02 am

Hi all, just wondering if anyone on here has had any experience with Supersprings or adding extra leaf to rear suspension of a Dualcab?
My basic situation is as follows, i have a 2014 D22 Nissan Navara Duel cab only 3000km's on the clock, looking to beef up the suspension because of weight i carry, I'm a carpenter so car is loaded with around 250kgs if i had most tools in back at any one time, but i still drive the car without tools every now and then so would prefer not to compromise things to much while empty (know this can be a big ask)

I can't do a full suspension upgrade/lift because i am restricticd with the height of my garage door, especially by the time i put roof racks on.
Plus i will be adding a canopy, most likely an ARB (only decent one that any of the companies still make for D22) which I'm guessing will add another 60-100 kgs. So prob heading towards 300kg-350kg all up.
I also use the car for camping trips away for up to 3 weeks at a time so it can be pretty loaded up.

I know to steer clear of airbags as the cons seem to far out weigh the pros if you end up with a bent chassis.....

So has anyone used Supersprings on a duel cab? even a D22 duel cab.

Pro's/con's or does anyone have any other suggestions? any advise or knwolwedge would be much appreciated

Obviously I've been to all the 4X4 dealers ARB, TJM and a couple of local Brisbane one but first hand personal experience is always better.
Supersprings installed is anywhere from $650-$800 and an extra leaf about $750.

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Re: Supersprings vs extra leaf spring on Dual cab D22 Navara

Unread post by Peter Aawen » October 24th, 2015, 12:47 pm

Hi natcore, welcome to the Forum. :thumb:

The thing about adding an extra leaf to your existing leaf pack is that unless it's a 'helper leaf' along the lines of the Supersprings or even any one of the numerous other variations on 'helper springs' out there, then it IS going to make your un-laden ride harsher - it simply can NOT be of any benefit to you & not do that!! :eek:

Supersprings & all the other variations on 'helper springs' at least attempt to leave your unladen ride as is, & with varying degrees of success, they do tend to do that. Supersprings have a pretty good name for being one of the better 'helper spring' options around & they don't transfer weight onto parts of the chassis or leaf pack that haven't been designed to carry that load, so they may well achieve what you want reasonably well.

But you gotta realise that there really isn't ANYTHING out there that will work brilliantly under ALL conditions &/or loads, so you are probably gonna hafta compromise somewhere along the way - be it in the ride, handling, or just cost.... You get to choose how much you want to compromise & where/with what, but trying all the options out can be expensive!!

Good Luck
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