Any Tips for fishing Fraser?

Where are they biting? How big was the one you caught?
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Any Tips for fishing Fraser?

Unread post by EddieCollins » September 14th, 2014, 4:38 pm

tips on fishing Fraser island

Hi everyone,
I am heading to fraser island in October and I am after some tips of camping and fishing.
I am taking a few of my mates and I am wondering were are the places to launch a small 4.00 meter tinny. Also were are the best spots to fish on fraser with a boat. To top the trip off would be the campsite, however i am unfimilier with the island and I would appreciate some help. I am only 18 so I haven't yet done enough traveling to to know these things just yet, but hopefully one day I will. 
Cheers Guys.

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Re: Any Tips for fishing Fraser?

Unread post by 76 Cruiser » September 17th, 2014, 12:41 pm

Hi Eddie

We are going for our yearly trip in October as well. Most boats seem to launch from Waddy Point, a gutter usually forms there every year and it seems easy to get out. There is a camp ground there as well, can't help with where to fish, I've never fished there with a boat.
A couple of words of advice, make sure you follow the camping rules on the island. Last year we spoke to a group of guys who got $600 worth of fines for camping infringements. You can usually bet there will be at least 3 Boating and Fisheries Patrol vehicles there because of school holidays coming up and Tailor season. Make sure you have licences, rego etc. as long as you follow the rules and have your permits you'll have a great time.

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