what trailer or clamp ons for a rooftopper

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what trailer or clamp ons for a rooftopper

Unread post by king » August 22nd, 2014, 4:00 pm

Hi all i have a 3.55 tinnie with a 18hp two stroke and i currently have it sitting above my tinnie on a box trailer but trying to figure out what to do about moving it on the beach, i have the clamp on wheels but have been told the come off in the sand, so i was thinking about upgrading the clamp ons so they wont come off and go with one of those tinnyhitches instead of having to do the whole fold up trailer job. does anyone have any ideas or pics cheers
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Re: what trailer or clamp ons for a rooftopper

Unread post by GBC » August 22nd, 2014, 9:42 pm


These wheels will work well with your tinny hitch setup. Not cheap but they work and don't rust away or need storing.

If it's that soft that these wheels bog in, just drag it up the beach.

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Re: what trailer or clamp ons for a rooftopper

Unread post by macka17 » February 7th, 2015, 12:12 am

Belated but always useful.

Originally I had/have a Quinnie 3.75 full tinnie.
Made up a set of Ladder rails and full length roller for rear end.
Surf bar mounted to roof of Patrol.
Boat trlr hand winch clamped to riser on bull bar and crank it upand over.
Pull part back over balance and winch back down..

Worked well for a lot of yrs. Most important item is the two short ropes you tie from transom handles on tinnie
to rear of roof assy.
To stop the tinnie sliding back when it clears the ground at back.

As I got older (70 plus) lost muscle mass. Found it hard work.
So bought a tinnie loader and fitted that to roof. (Anybody want it. $1600 worth used three trips)

Regarding trailers/wheels.

I bought a set of side wheels $99. and made up a lightweight fork.drawbar for front of tinnie. Bolts onto fitting set into towing plate at front.
Made so I can carry/push front of, to water. Pin a light hitch to end to drop onto Patrol towbar to tow short distances.

and a sq mounting plate on that vertically, with pin holes so I could fit a light trailer wheel if having to roll down ramp/Dirt acccess etc.

Cost around $200 all up. all Galv and welded by me..

See it in your mind first. It's quite easy and simple.

I aso bought a galv 13fter trailer to use boat in local dams and islands close to.(250km)
Instead of the 5.25 Stacer in good weather. For Macks and such.

Made a quite nice folding trailer that fitted on rear of caravan. Under and over the spares.
Used it I think 4 times in around 4 yrs. so I sold it.

Prior to all this.
I towed Tinny on roof from CQ to Darwin hrbr for 3 or 4 months for first 4 yrs.
Back home. and sit round back.
Now it gets used a lot.

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