Got any 'not so secret fishing spots' in South Bris?

Where are they biting? How big was the one you caught?
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Got any 'not so secret fishing spots' in South Bris?

Unread post by UnexplainedWays » May 12th, 2014, 8:00 pm

I'm taking a mate out fishing and he's never been before. I'm trying to find somewhere in south bris that i can take him that will have a reasonable chance of catching something.

I'm not after secret spots, but after areas that everyone know about and are usually active with fish. I'm not after huge fish, i just don't want him to head out fishing and not catch a thing.

I've been out on trips before and not even got a bite so i'm trying to avoid that (but plenty of beer was drunk)

Also, better to go morning/night/high/low..?

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Re: Got any 'not so secret fishing spots' in South Bris?

Unread post by 4low » May 14th, 2014, 8:37 am

Is the gold coast area too far south? The spit I generally have luck with getting flathead on soft plastics. Might be a bit cold now though. Try any of the canal areas with live yabbies or peeled prawns and you will be in with a chance. Generally the run in tide works well aswell as 2hrs either side of the high tide. The rock wall at the seaway i find a few hours before high tide can get fish but it is snaggy with many rocks

The logan river is always a chance of bream and other species below the junction of the logan/albert. Mind you best time is when its been a few months after decent rainfall to give it a chance to clear up. Well clear up as much as a dirty brown river can!

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