Fishing with soft plastics

Where are they biting? How big was the one you caught?
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Re: Fishing with soft plastics

Unread post by big nut » September 23rd, 2014, 8:50 pm

i get stuck in with soft plastics every chance i get, mostly targeting flatties down the coast, and redfin in local dams. i used to be a hard core bait fisherman, but softies are good value.
soft plastics can be as active or sedentary as you want them to be, and they are super flexible too, simply by their nature you can work the entire water column or as little of it as you want- with a little practice.
couple of tips: for flatties,
cast out and let the lure hit the bottom, then give one or two quick jerks before letting it settle agian. wind up slack line at the same time, one or two cranks on the reel should be all thats needed, then repeat step one.
another method is to do a slow constant retrieve after letting the softy hit the bottom. just a slow rolling retrieve.....

color and size of lure is a personal choice, though some will lures fish better in certain areas than others. i use a lot of squidgy fish in black and gold color. jig head size is dependent on what im targeting, at what depth, and in what sort of weather/water conditions. deep or fast moving water will see me step up a jig head size at the minimum, if not two.
slow/inactive fish will see me step down a size in both jig head and lure size, and going for a much slower retrieve......


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