Old Bar Beach & sandspit

Where are they biting? How big was the one you caught?
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Old Bar Beach & sandspit

Unread post by stevezammit » April 4th, 2013, 9:26 am

Went up to Old Bar over the Easter break and did a bit of fishing. The fishing wasn't bad, there were plenty of just over legal flathead, a few nice bream and a few tailor along the gutters and the eddy that forms behind the sand spit on the run up tide was firing with bream, flatties and blackfish on nippers.
Managed a couple of small jew on the beach one night but the beach at the moment should be a daytime option only as there is hundreds of large trees and branches washed up after the recent floods. On the rising tides a few large pieces of timber were getting washed around that were big enough to break a leg so anyone fishing needed to be super careful.
I was surprised at how hard I had to work to pump nippers on the sand flats, perhaps the summer was fished pretty heavily and they need some time to come back.
Beach driving was interesting and after the first recon we chose to use the back track along the fence line for the rest of the stay. The beach was very soft and hasn't recovered all that well from the series of storms we've had and the southern most beach entry is gone. The timbers lead to quite a drop off so at least 10 foot of sand is missing beneath them.
If you have a trailer boat there is some excellent fishing to be had in the river. We put the tinny in and spent a few hours tossing soft plastics among the sticks and along the drop off's and were well rewarded. The old man got his first ever bream on a soft plastic which was close to 4lb in the old scale (pun intended) and the flatties were on the chew. Although we didn't fish there we did speak to some guys who had been doing well with reasonable sized jewfish at Manning Point along the beach at night on tailor baits.
If you're looking for somewhere quiet and family friendly I'd highly recommend the area, the fishing is good, there are a number of accommodation options from camping to resort style and the locals are super friendly. The local bowling club serves good meals and cold beer and had live entertainment on Saturday.
If you're after a bit of driving in the bush there is Saltwater National Park not far away and the other well documented options nearby in Barrington Tops.

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Re: Old Bar Beach & sandspit

Unread post by RODEODAVE » April 11th, 2013, 7:03 pm

good stuff steve me and a mate spent the weekend up on mungo beach (bennetts i think it called) 3 tailor used one and turned it into 5 Bream at 38cm + and about 20 dart throw backs but good sizes feed a couple to the local eagles/osprey will need to get back there before it gets too cold..

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