Newbie from Poland

Don't be shy, say g'day in here - tell us a little about yourself, your 4By, & what you've done/dream about doing in it, only do post us a link to your Member's Rides thread too!
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Newbie from Poland

Unread post by Animal89 » July 20th, 2018, 8:31 pm

Hello guys. My nami is Rafał and im from Poland. Im driving 1989 long y60 patrol. I had 1994 high roof k260 patrol and it was my first real 4wd car. ( i also had few honda civic wagons with rt4wd ) we were driving our patrol with my wife and kids almost every weekend and one day (i dont know why) we decide to sell our "little" patrol.... Next we had v6 4runner for a short time and another rt4wd civic wagon. Then we started to watching Australian 4wd on youtube and decided to buy another 4wd.. We missed our patrol so we decided to buy another one. Now we have got 1989 y60 long.

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Re: Newbie from Poland

Unread post by Peter Aawen » July 20th, 2018, 10:04 pm

Welcome to the Forum, Animal! :thumb:

Great 4WD's those Y60 Patrols, especially the Long Wheelbase Wagons with the TD42T diesel motor. The Shorty's aren't too bad either, just so long as you don't go remote for too long or you don't have a family & so need the extra room... I guess the Shorty's don't really like the very steep hills quite so much either! But whatever type of Y60 you might have, you'll most often see them referred to here as the mighty GQ Patrols, cos nothing much comes near them for robust & indestructible capability out in the bush! (Now watch the misguided & always jealous Toyota lovers arc up!) :p

How about some pics of your Patrol over in the Member's Rides section? A bit of a story to go with the pics about how you got it to what it is today wouldn't go astray too! And if you get out and about a bit in your 4By, a few pics & a bit of a story on the countryside you most enjoy posted in the main Trip Reports section would probably get quite a few readers too - we don't often get to see too much of Poland over here! ;)
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