I bought a money pit

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I bought a money pit

Unread post by GidgeeHunter » March 7th, 2018, 2:10 pm

Been driving 4WD for years with work, and done many professional training courses, so I'm not completely new. I enjoy the freedom they give, but I avoided buying one mainly because they weren't the most enjoyable vehicles to do a long daily commute. Well times have changed and they are so much more versatile now. Anyway, 'retirement' is not too far away and so it was time I bit the bullet. I got a deal on a new Colorado that made it a no brainer, nothing else could compete including the other Holden dealers that weren't in the ballpark.

Of course now I need to kit it up for travel, hence it's a money pit for while. Very happy to take recommendations on canopies for dual cab. Also after suggestions on whether better to have a roof rack/tray on main cab or canopy - I'm thinking cab is easier to reach with side steps (another cost, another suggestion needed).

Oh my aching bank account.

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