2003 diesel hilux exhaust and gearbox

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2003 diesel hilux exhaust and gearbox

Unread post by panaview » January 25th, 2015, 7:01 am

gday fellas yesterday i bought my first car, as listed above she's a 2003 diesel hill space cab and the only things that seem to be a bit iffy with her is the whole exhaust system and the gearbox. i was wondering if you boys could sent me in the right direction on who i should go see about getting the exhaust done or even a manufacturer and i could find a supplier myself.

iv got the same issue with the gearbox. i did my learners in a 93 patrol and the gear box was like butter, so smooth i can't tell ya know i don't know if i got used to being able to change at really low revs and driving it pretty similar to a tractor but she's gotta go, any suggestions on where i might find a good one that shifts a little smoother?

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