Adelaide Gorilla snot hill and others Sat 29/8

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Re: Adelaide Gorilla snot hill and others Sat 29/8

Unread post by BowHuntr » December 4th, 2016, 10:42 pm

TUFF HJ60 wrote:Hey guys me and Chris (Suzukilwb) are gonna do some hills tracks tomorrow(sat 29/8)
Meeting at Mt Barker cinema car park,its raining and could be last mud run b4 it all dries up
Anyone keen?
I know were Mt Barker is but I don't know Were is Gorilla Snot Hill would you like to PM me with details cheers

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Re: Adelaide Gorilla snot hill and others Sat 29/8

Unread post by Peter Aawen » December 5th, 2016, 7:30 am

Gorrilla Snot Hill & the hill that the pictured roll-over occurred on are now closed & heavily policed by the local cops! And if you dodge the road blocks & rocks etc to drive them anyway, they even have surveillance camera's hidden around the place at all sorts of odd times, so it could be that the first time you realise that you were sprung is when the ticket or summons arrives in the mail! :eek:

Many of the tracks & places mentioned in 2009 threads around the Hills & Mt Barker in particular are now either closed or smack in the middle of newly built up areas, usually with massive amounts 'rehabilitation' done on them - in some cases, that means 6-8 inches of bitumen spread all over the top of the road surface for kilometres in either direction!! :eek: It seems that most of the good driving places are being driven further & further out! :o

Have you been out to Jakem Park? That's not too far from Mt Barker & has some reasonable tracks & hills, crossings, etc; altho it does cost you a little - but at least you know there's someone around the place who'll recover you when you get stuck & make sure you get home, even if your 4By doesn't make it!! :sillywink:
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