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I am thinking of opening up my farm for camping and 4wd groups. What do people want in that type of thing?

Posted: July 12th, 2018, 10:02 am
by markharvey
Hi Everyone, Long time 4wd action reader first time getting involved in the forums. I am opening up a farm to camping and making a farmstay venture out of it. Was wanting some perspective on what you have really liked or not liked from campsites on properties. We are in the Somerset region in south east QLD less than 45 minutes to the glasshouse mountains and have a state park on our border. I really like the idea of having a place where family groups with multiple vehicles can come set up their camps go off and hit the tracks and come back to base with a peace of mind that everything will still be there and intact. Is this something that resonates with the community here? Cheers.