Gippsland to Ayers Rock (advice needed)

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Gippsland to Ayers Rock (advice needed)

Unread post by leary393 » December 11th, 2017, 5:45 am

Hi All,
I'm in the process of planning a trip from Longford Vic through to Ayers Rock!
After talking to a few friends who have been, we discussed the idea of doing a little remote 4wd'ing along the way.
I'm after some guidance on the route we take to maximise our enjoyment, sight-seeing and to be able to take everything the Australian outback has to offer.
After a little research some of the areas I'm interested in visiting are as follows, however I'm only at the planning stage and willing to go the most practical route.

*Lake Eyer
*Oodnadatta (Oodnadatta track)
*Alice Springs
*Ayers Rock

Any advice would be appreciated

Peter Aawen
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Re: Gippsland to Ayers Rock (advice needed)

Unread post by Peter Aawen » December 11th, 2017, 11:12 pm

Going from Mildura across to Hawker & up thru Leigh Creek & Lyndhurst to Maree (camp at Farina just before Maree) is a pretty good route - if you like, you could visit SkyTrek &/or Aroona Valley, Brachina Gorge, or even Arkaroola on the way across & up! But once you get to Maree you need to make a choice - Oodnadatta, Ayers Rock/Uluru, & Alice Springs can be reached via the road that effectively heads North West outta town, while Birdsville is on the road that heads North East outta town, and going THAT WAY sees you end up on the Eastern side of the Simpson Desert, about 1000km of remote desert tracks & almost as far away from Ayers Rock/Uluru & a tad further from the Alice as you can be & still remain in Central Aust!! :rolleyes:

Still, heading out of Maree via the Oodnadatta Track to the North West is pretty interesting, lots of stuff to see & do, along with a fair whack of dirt track, gibbers, & corrugations; and once you've hit Oodnadatta itself you can choose to go basically due West via the Painted Desert track or a bit further South of West to Coober Pedy & then head on up the bitumen all the way to the Alice &/or detour out to Ayers Rock/Uluru & Kata Tjuta, then take the Mereenie Loop via Kings Canyon (altho I'd suggest you stay at Kings Station, NOT the Kings Canyon Resort!) then visit the Canyon & maybe even Palm Valley, & eventually head on in to the Alice from the West.

Or you can leave Oodnadatta & go just a bit more North of due West & head out via the rest of the Oodnadatta Track to Marla before having to head North on the bitumen &/or the above mentioned loop out.

OR (& this'd be my suggestion, but only if you have the time - and it IS rough & you will need to travel carefully to avoid spiking tyres) you can head on North outta Oodnadatta via Pedirka Siding, Finke, & then the Old Ghan route & on to the Alice! If the old railway spikes are killing your tyres or the corrugations & undulations are too much for you that way, you either hafta slow down a lot OR if you really want to see Ayers Rock etc on the way up, you can duck out to Chambers Pillar &/or the Hugh River Stock Route to the bitumen & then see Rainbow Valley, do the Rock & the Olgas, & then the rest of the above mentioned loop... :thumb:

Then once you've done the Oodnadatta & Western part of the trip on the way UP, you can return by heading South East to Mt Dare before crossing the Simpson Desert to Birdsville, then East to Beetoota & South to Innaminka, across to Tibooburra & then more South to Broken Hill & eventually Mildura & home.... OR you could do the whole thing entirely the other way around - but pretty much whichever way you choose, you are still going to be left with that choice to make at Maree - North West towards Oodnadatta or North East to Birdsville; the Simpson Desert on the way home or on the way out.... and seriously, doing that whole trip either way is NOT just a 2-3 week trip!! You'll need at least 4 weeks to do it, & that's probably only really do-able if you don't mind non-stop 10 hours plus of driving each & every day; it'll more likely take 6 weeks if you want to have a swim at any of the pools or rivers you cross &/or maybe see any of the big Rocks or Pillars at sunrise/sunset or even stand outside the car to take a pic instead of just snapping out the window as you flash by!! Allow yourself plenty of time for travelling out that way!! Sure there are a LOT of miles to cover, but your average speed on the tracks is not going to be anywhere near 100kph & if you want to STOP & LOOK at anything, it's gonna take time!! You might be better to split the trip into an Oodnadatta Track trip this time & maybe the Mereenie Loop bit, & leave the Simpson Desert & Birdsville trip for next year. Either half could be done in about 4 weeks, altho you wouldn't really want much less at all if you plan on doing the Finke/Old Ghan route as well as Oodnadatta, even without the Simpson & Birdsville....

But you've got the startings of a great trip there, just don't try to fit it all in at once - you are talking about covering more distance on roads & tracks than there is pretty much in the entirety of Victoria!! So it WILL take a lot of driving & a fair amount of time! Good Luck. ;)
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