vic high county trip xmas

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vic high county trip xmas

Unread post by hi-lux89 » April 24th, 2017, 9:51 pm

hi all

I'm planning a trip to the vic high county at xmas time. 1st big trip I will be doing in my freshly ground-up rebuilt ln106 hilux

as I am not fully set up for camping yet I was wondering where's a good place to base my self while doing the high county? Main 2 tracks I am wanting to do is billy goats bluff and blue rag range, I'm open to options on other tracks .

I was thinking of basing ourselves in Jamieson area but after looking at the maps, it looks like all the main tracks are over on the dargo side of the ranges. so my question is if I do base us in Jamieson, is it possible to cut across easily? google maps is saying 4 hours driving to get from Jamieson around to the start of billy goats bluff, if there's no faster way to the other side, then where is a nice place to stay over or around the dargo area?

any tips or suggestions of what to do and where to go in the high country would be very helpful thank you

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Re: vic high county trip xmas

Unread post by Peter Aawen » April 24th, 2017, 11:58 pm

Wonnangatta Caravan Park, used to be called the Waterford Caravan Park - it's about 10 mins South of the Dargo Pub, on the River, with lots of wide open grassy areas for camping; & in my experience, they have fairly basic but clean & comfortable cabins & amenities as well as being a great spot for camping. There's a Park Kiosk/servo with fuel & basic supplies & the town just up the road, & while some have said the operators 'can be a little short on pleasantries', I've never found them lacking in any respect, but they won't take crap from anyone or let anyone disturb other guests!! :thumb:

There's also cabins & a campground available right behind the Dargo Pub, altho if you are thinking about basing yourself there for a while, I've found the Pub is more geared towards the one nighters, while the Caravan Park has amenities better suited to those after a base to work out of for a week or so! But the Pub is certainly enjoyable if you just want to spend the one night or so either on your way in to or out of the High Country on the Dargo side. ;)

Apart from that, there's heaps of remote bush camping all around the area too, bigger open spaces & places like Wonnangatta Valley, Talbotville, Bull Creek, & Eaglehawk; or smaller 1 or 2 car/camper sites on the Humfray River Track, down the bottom of Herne Spur, Zeka Spur, around Grant, etc, as well as lots of little secluded spots all over the area where you can easily spend a week bush camping if you are properly set up for it & have everything you need in the way of food & drink etc - there's usually lots of water on hand too, altho unless you are right on the headwaters of the creeks & have checked around carefully, you really should boil, filter, or otherwise purify any water before drinking it or even washing in it!! These days, the whole Hi Country area abounds with lots of dirty pigs who seem to crap where they stand & otherwise needlessly pollute the water courses without any consideration for others.... pigs of both the 4 legged & the 2 legged varieties! :mad:

The Boiling Billy Publications book on the Vic High Country has a lot more info, with trip notes, details of which maps you might want to use, gps co-ords for camp sites, caravan parks, fuel & food supplies, & a lot of history & background info on the area - well worth checking the book out & carrying a copy with you! ;)

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Re: vic high county trip xmas

Unread post by Neat 60 » April 25th, 2017, 3:04 am

Talbotville would be the best place to base yourself to do Billy Goat and Blue Rag. It has wide open spaces with heaps of green grass and the Crooked River running through it. There's some other great tracks in the area also -- Bulltown Spur, Brewery Ck and Sth Basalt Knob. That being said they are up there with the some of the steepest in the HC so take care if you do end up doing them. Crooked River Tk is a ripper with 24 river crossings!

Lots of interesting history in and around Talbotville - new Good Hope Mine and the old township of Grant just to name a few.

You are close enough to Dargo if you need to head into town to top up on fuel and supplies.

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