WA - Cape York/East Coast/Vic - WA

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WA - Cape York/East Coast/Vic - WA

Unread post by Mikal52 » December 22nd, 2016, 6:56 pm

Hi all,

Been a long time between posts.... But finally got the bug again after I decided to finally bite the bullet and start modding the new cruiser, my decision may have had something to do with the fact that this trip is fast approaching!

First off a quick background info, I work FIFO in WA so these trips will be broken up into my RnR breaks with me storing the car and flying back to work. I don't plan on flying over every break either so sometimes it will be a month or so between trips.

So the plan is to do the Cape/Creb in late June/July for 3 weeks. In August/September take about a week to drive from Cairns down the East Coast to Vic. Mid October do a week or so in the Vic High Country. And then late November drive from Vic back to Perth.

I was hoping to do the Simpson Desert on my way back but I'm thinking it may be too hot that late in the year, also I read somewhere that they close all the roads that way on the 1st December???

What I'm after is basically sites to see and do on my way from Cairns - Vic.... And some must see things in the High Country. Been doing a hell of a lot of reading, but it's hard when trying to plan 3 separate trips haha.

Also anyone who is interested in doing these trips around the same time let me know and maybe I can tag along!

Cheers in advance
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