Shark Bay and Coral Bay trip planning - any info?

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Shark Bay and Coral Bay trip planning - any info?

Unread post by twoods44 » March 29th, 2016, 8:06 pm

Hey everyone.
i am planning trip up to shark bay after chrissy for a week then further up possibly to coral bay or surrounding area with the mrs. few things i wanted to get a bit of info on as this is my first big camping trip so got a fair few questions haha.

4wding, done a fair bit of beach driving and recoveries, how soft are the beaches up there, is it going to be 10 psi in the tyres or is 15-20 pretty standard.

also the tides, are the tides huge there like further up north or not as dramatic?

are there many tracks up that way? not going there for the 4wding, more fishing/relaxing. i have an 07 triton with 32s but other then that its pretty much stock. anything that you guys would suggest?

also maps, i dont want to get lost in the dunes, so would the local caravan park have a good map or would u be buying a particular map? if so where would i get this from

fishing, is there maps on were you can/cant fish readily available up there or is that something id have to take before i go. also were are some good areas to have an explore and fish? not the spots every1 knows about, not after your secret spot but just an indication, would love to land some good quality fish from the stones/beach. i will be staying at a caravan park so also is there areas around there that i will have to pay to enter? and if so is there a booklet or site that has this information or is it easily sorted out up there, (dont want to be paying for access to somewhere that i wont be visiting).

whats the weather like up there over christmass? howling wind or not to bad? i suspect it will be hot and busy being school holidays and chrissy/new year break.\

thats all the shark bay questions i can think of for now but im sure ill come up with more,

So i was hoping to do a week a bit further north, i was originally thinking coral bay but was interested in your opinions, any towns a little bit less busy but still close to all the amenities, preferably a fishing/snorkeling paradise, would probably need to stay at a caravan park for toilet and shower. probably dont want to go much further north then coral bay as it will be a big drive home, i am from the southwest.

Anyway thanks in advance and go easy on me :)
Cheers, toby

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Re: Shark Bay and Coral Bay trip planning - any info?

Unread post by bigpig » April 5th, 2016, 11:04 pm

Recommend staying at Carrang Station if you have a dog. Other wise the camp at steep point looked good. A days driving the Cliffs and another at False inlet is worth it too.

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Re: Shark Bay and Coral Bay trip planning - any info?

Unread post by Shann Low » April 5th, 2016, 11:18 pm

Shark Bay in December?

What are you on?

March to September is the season, rest of the time it blows 10 bastards and that's on a nice day!

Coral bay in Dec? Hello can anyone say cyclones?

I went to Rockhampton in December once... it was 42 degrees (and bloody humid) at 7 am in the ******* morning! We got our hands burnt on the aluminium poles of our tent packing it up to put into the vehicle!.

We THREW everything in the vehicle - turned the air con up full and headed SOUTH non stop till we hit Skid-knee where civilized temps and weather conditions were encountered!

Screw the sub tropics in Summer - only mad men and Englishmen as the saying goes.

Do yourself a favor and go to Esperance instead, in the middle of summer... go fishing on a charter around the recherche archipelago.

I went to Exmouth once in March (for Gamex) & in the 5 weeks we were there, there was 3 cyclones in a row!

We all do stupid stuff at some point in pour lives - this sounds like one of those times.

Go north in Winter young man - first rule of holidays planning! :D

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