4wd sand dunes beach anna bay - are they closed?

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4wd sand dunes beach anna bay - are they closed?

Unread post by pod86 » June 1st, 2015, 2:56 pm

Hey guys,

planning to hit anna's bay port stephens this long weekend for some driving on the beach / sand dunes, i heard however the place is closed? can someone please confirm, some are saying parts can still be driven.
Also any useful tips would be great as i am a beginner/newbie to this topic.


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Re: 4wd sand dunes beach anna bay - are they closed?

Unread post by Les - PK Ranger » June 1st, 2015, 5:17 pm

Have read on 4x4 Earth it is currently closed down Stockton (Worimi) end . . . read here . . .
http://www.worimiconservationlands.com/ ... out&sid=60

Suppose you can enter at Anna Bay and drive south, but do it low tide and maybe don't go past the washed out areas, just in case you get stuck or breakdown somewhere further.

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Re: 4wd sand dunes beach anna bay - are they closed?

Unread post by funnybugger » November 5th, 2015, 12:46 pm

Anny bay is no longer any real fun unless your fishing off the beach
Your no longer allowed to drive off the "beach" (approx. 15m from the water)
Driving on the beaches will now land you a $250 fine if the ranger sees you
Also no longer allowed to camp
Also they have done some dodgy deals with womori council to create a womori fun police group to "monitor"/ harass the area
to ensure there is no fun for anybody
Be aware thou the "fun police" have no power other then checking you pass is paid up.
They can not issue the fines for that they try to stall you while the call the ranger.

( oh and for those that are gonna say I'm a hoon... go for it I don’t care )
but for the record I stayed under there dam speed limit and only drove on the strip by the water but the fun police like to repeatedly "check on" anyone that isn’t in a nice new $40k+ range rover or jeep

I've lived in the area for decades
had some real fun out their before all the restrictions. not any more
Oh and it’s all about the money.... sand mines are clearing the places out feeding the rule makers with cash to put in more restrictions.... not that any of those rules apply to the tour operators for them the "fun police" turn a blind eye.

Basically only good for beach fishing or as a scenic route from Anna to Williamtown
Oh and don’t get me started on the stupid f&%# speed bumps they keep adding

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