Vic High Country - Melbourne to Sydney

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Vic High Country - Melbourne to Sydney

Unread post by Matthew_mcmaster » May 22nd, 2019, 3:36 pm


Was hoping someone might be able to help me out with a bit of an itinerary. Planning a trip through the high country late November and haven’t been before. I’m from Newcastle so it is my first adventure in the high country. Done plenty of 4wd’ing and will be driving a 2013 Ranger, 2 inch lift, 33’s and a rear locker. It’s pretty capable.

I’m going to be in Melbourne and will have Monday to Sunday to make my way from Melbourne finally ending in Newcastle. I’m happy to drive all the way home in 1 day.

Any tips for an itinerary. I wanna do all the iconic high country sites.


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Re: Vic High Country - Melbourne to Sydney

Unread post by Peter Aawen » May 23rd, 2019, 3:59 pm

Welcome to the Forum Matthew! :thumb:

As for your trip, grab a copy of the Boiling Billy Publications book 'The High Country - 4WD and Camping Guide' by Craig Lewis and Cathy Savage, the latest edition you can find; should be available thru - that book provides all the info you need to string together their various individual trip notes on smaller trips to make for a bloody fantastic trip taking you from Melbourne up about as far as Goulburn, which is about all you manage in the time you've got available and still get you home to Newcastle in time!

If you can't get that particular book, then grab both of their books '4WD Trips out of Melbourne' and '4WD Trips out of Sydney'; between them they cover much the same trip notes and you can string them together to make up the same sort of trip; or maybe you could get '4WD Treks of the High Country' & the Sydney book above! These books are all well written, and are full of a lot of helpful info and history on the tracks & area, as well as providing detailed Trip Notes; GPS Co-ords; Paper Map info (always take at least a paper map covering the area in reasonable detail - GPS's don't always work out there, especially deep in the gullies when you need them the most!) contact details for NPWS, Service Centres, Pubs, Caravan & Camping parks along the way; advice on the free camping in the area, and estimates of the time it'll take you to cover each section. If you are familiar enough with the area, & your trip meter is accurate enough, you could probably just drive off their trip notes alone & get thru OK, but having a GPS AND paper maps that'll help you identify exactly where you are when the GPS can't get enough satellites for a good fix will help you avoid the need for rescue by an expensive Search & Rescue party!

Your vehicle should be more'n capable enough to do this trip, altho it'd probably be smart to take at least one spare jerrycan full of fuel to make sure you don't end up stuck with empty tanks miles from anywhere - a Jerrycan full is usually enough for a straight run out to the nearest main drag by the shortest most direct route! And be very aware that there's a helluva lot of tracks to drive & places/things to visit & check out in the High Country & Great Divide between Melbourne & Newcastle, so you probably won't be able to "do all the iconic high country sites" in this one trip in such a short time-frame! In fact, you'll really need to be strict with yourself and stick to a fairly direct route this time around or you'll never keep to your time-frame! But as you pass thru the area on the more direct tracks this time around, you'll see enough of the rest to convince yourself that you WILL come back with at least a month free to see the next little bit!! I've been travelling the High Country for work and play over the last 40 years, and there's still places I want to go & things I want to see out there, so your Monday to Sunday trip will of needs only be a quick intro to what you COULD see, drive, and do!

Enjoy! Remember we're all here if you want any more info or help with any pre-trip prep or planning, it can't hurt to ask.... And please, post up a trip report with some pics over in the Trip Reports area once you've got back! ;)
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