Anyone fitted a fixed Hot Water System?

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Anyone fitted a fixed Hot Water System?

Unread post by Timmo » May 2nd, 2015, 4:30 pm

Hey all,

I'm looking at fitting a fixed, instantaneous hot water system to my trailer and wondering if anyone here has done same.

It will be used purely as a hot shower, nothing else. I will be installing a Jabsco pump in the trailer, which will pump through the hot water heater and through a hose to a shower head in a small shower tent. It will draw water from a 20L Jerry, filled from a creek/river or the like. The pump will be protected from sucking up debris by an inline strainer.
The idea is to have it all permanently set up and to just need to drop the suction hose into the jerry can and away you go.

I am looking at one of these;

Anyone used one and/or have an opinion on them?

FYI, not interested in any of the portable type units (Coleman etc.) as they are too bulky in my opinion, require battery recharging and keep running even when water flow has stopped. Besides, I want a permanently mounted solution. I don't have the room to fit a portable one inside the trailer anyway.


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