Simex, Boggers or silverstones

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Simex, Boggers or silverstones

Unread post by Knoxknoxknox » June 20th, 2013, 10:22 am

Gday guys,

Im looking at getting some bias tyres for my 40, im looking at either the simex jungle trekkers, the extreme trekkers, the super swaper boggers, or the silverstone mts. a 35" is probably the biggest ill run. im not going to run them fulltime, just for up the brindys when i head out. ive got two sets of sunnys i can mount them out, 15x7s and 15x10s.

im running a 12ht in my hj47 so turning them shouldnt be any dramas.

ive heard with the simex, they measure tyre size to the base of the tread, so a 33" would actually be a 34 or 35, is this actually right?

whats the best bang for buck here? ive heard the silverstones are pretty rubbish...


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