Ute chopped HJ60 on an 80 chassis. Ideas please

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Ute chopped HJ60 on an 80 chassis. Ideas please

Unread post by LOFAIL » March 4th, 2012, 6:58 pm

Hi all I have a HJ60 that I have always wanted to do a 2door ute chop on and coil it.

I think it has come to that time as after rebuilding wheel bearings, diffs and cv's a few times now and on my last trip I collapsed both front and rear right hand side wheel bearings, crunched the right hand rear quarter panel and tore off a front leaf mount trying to keep up with the big boys, then on the way home started to get some very bad gear box noises.

So... I have picked up a 80series twin locked rolling chassis that was too good to pass up and I have a 2h gearbox ready to go in and was thinking that the good old 2h and 5speed in the 80 chassis with the 60 shell ute chopped would be a good idea :crazy:

All I need now is some helpful input and thoughts on if this will work or if someone has done this before?

Cheers Dan

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Re: Ute chopped HJ60 on an 80 chassis. Ideas please

Unread post by Struth » March 8th, 2012, 9:36 am

Anything can be done and I wont carp on about legalities, that's your concern :D

I would take some basic dimension checks first, make sure the skinnier 60 series body will fit on the wider 80 series chassis.

Check particularly that the body mount points on the 60 body are far enough outside the 80 series chassis rails to allow for making new body mount brackets on the chassis.

Then consider the front guards needing to fit well over the wider 80 series diff, no use having the guard sit over the center of the tire and preventing uptravel of the suspension.

Steering cloumn will need to be sorted, etc, etc don't want to try and teach you how to suck eggs.

Lets just say it is a fairly big job, but almost anything can be acheived.

Would make for a great 4WD IMO :cool:

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