How to post a Trip Report (READ HERE SECOND!)

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How to post a Trip Report (READ HERE SECOND!)

Unread post by Brendan » June 23rd, 2009, 4:07 pm

Because everyone has their computer setup differently, there's no guarantee that if you spend the time writing up a trip report, your computer's not going to log you out and delete all your hard work in the process.

For that reason, we STRONGLY suggest that you write up your Trip Report in a word processing program, so you can save it as you go. That way, you can take your time writing up the story, and post it when you're done -- even if it takes you a couple of evenings to do.

When it comes to posting pictures, we suggest using a website like or to host your images. That way you can upload them there, then use the IMG tag to post the photos up.

Adding a report this way will minimise the heartache of losing your hard work!
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