What the Trip Reports section is all about (READ HERE FIRST!

Daydreamin' at the desk. Caution - heaps of pics inside! This is where to put those threads telling us about your 4WD trips.
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What the Trip Reports section is all about (READ HERE FIRST!

Unread post by Brendan » June 23rd, 2009, 3:59 pm

We all love pictures and travel yarns, right? Well, here's the place to get 'em. Whether it's a day trip, a weekend in the bush with mates, or an extended tour through some of Australia's remotest areas, we know you've all got some amazing stories to tell, and everyone wants to hear them!

This section has the ability to be one of the best here on the forums, somewhere you can while away a rainy afternoon or a slow day at work when boss isn't watching.

RULES: To keep this section running smoothly, can everyone please follow a few basic rules.

#1. Don't hijack a thread or deliberately try to take it off-topic. Of course discussion about a trip is welcomed, and even a photo or two of your own if you've been there could definitely add to the discussion, but much more than that and you should start your own trip report.

#2. No insults, personal attacks, or any crap. THERE WILL BE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY HERE, MORE THAN ANYWHERE! Discuss it via PM if you have something to say or just leave it altogether.

#3. To make this section easy to browse, how about we keep to a universal format for naming threads? Start off with your state in brackets, then give a short descripton of your trip. Like (NSW) Watagans low-range weekend or (WA) Kimberley two-week trip.

#4. We all love pictures. Post em up, and post em often! How much you write is your choice, but a report without pics is like a date at the movies without.... erm, popcorn.

#5. Photos should be resized to around 1000 pixels wide maximum. Many monitors these days can handle much bigger images, but a lot of us (myself included!) are stuck on small old CRT monitors.

#6. Spelling -- this isn't the place to argue over little spelling mistakes. If you do struggle a bit to write a story, then feel free just to post up some pictures, that will be perfectly fine. But please, don't bicker about slight spelling mistakes.

Above all, this should be a place that everyone wants to come back to time and time again to read reports, daydream and drool over pictures. Let's keep it running smoothly and everyone will benefit.

If anyone has any questions, please PM me or one of the Mod/Admin Team
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