Anyone done any REAL trips and treks in '11/12 BT50?

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Anyone done any REAL trips and treks in '11/12 BT50?

Unread post by Mix » April 14th, 2012, 4:35 pm

I'll be the newbie (cuz I am) and start it off:

Has anyone done any real (Simpson, Canning etc) trips outback in the 11/12 BT yet?

Further, has anyone found any common faults that we should look out for? We are gearing our BT up for a few trips and want to be ready for any common weak points.

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Re: Anyone done any REAL trips and treks in '11/12 BT50?

Unread post by mad_dog » October 22nd, 2014, 10:23 am

ive done 30000klm on mine and a lot of that was rough roads but not for any longer than 10 days at a time, doing the vic high country and brindabellas end of November and this will give her another good run, only problem ive had is lowrange locked on and couldn't turn 4x4 off in the glass house mountains, i had to disconnect the battery and reset everything but it 2 goes and it was all good. i love the thing especially the fuel economy and power, didn't think i would ever get another truck as good as the patrol but i prefer the bt50 now.

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Re: Anyone done any REAL trips and treks in '11/12 BT50?

Unread post by hoyks » October 22nd, 2014, 4:41 pm

I did 15 days, Brisbane to Bamaga and back. For the whole trip all I did was add fuel (averaged around (10-11.5L/100km overall, a bit more on the dirt), no issues at all.... OK, one. I ground the front bumper and dented left sill in Gunshot Creek, but that was my fault, not the cars.

The only mods were a a home made slide on camper with 2nd battery, snorkel, new tyres (BFG all terrains) and new springs under the tray to carry it all. If I had more play money then side steps, winch and a bull bar would be on the shopping list. Bull bar, for obvious reasons, winch because it looks like you mean business and I could have done some tracks I didn't want to hand winch through (not that I actually got stuck anywhere and the side steps because the rocks were peppering the paint in that bottom corner just behind the rear door and a sill replacement was around $3500.
We carried 40L of diesel in 2 jerries, but only had to use 20L once after leaving Wiepa, going to Chilli beach for 2 days and then dropping into Lockhart River to find my debit card didn't work anymore. The extra fuel got us just over the line to Bramwell Junction with about 20L in the tank. Not far off 600km for the 80L

For all but 1 night of the trip we slept in the camper and covered a few hundred km each day.

I did read about a bloke that had chassis cracking around where an ARB bull bar was attached. He was doing a lot of corrugated roads and it was the only one i have heard about. Fuel system issues were also mentioned by others, so an additional 1 micron fuel filter might be worth looking into and a water detector.

Other than that, don't over pack, I had a far amount of stuff in boxes that I didn't even look at. And airbags, i don't like them. They transfer loads into the chassis in places and directions the engineers had never intended loads to be applied, this will lead to bending and cracking. Fine inside coil springs, I don't advise them with leaf springs.
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Re: Anyone done any REAL trips and treks in '11/12 BT50?

Unread post by jugglingogre » October 22nd, 2014, 7:02 pm

We did the cape in late august early september in out BT and she did everything we threw at her with aplomb including Nolans and the OTT. Left with 3.5k on the odo and got home with 15 :)

Love my BT.

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