Blown Explorer rad - what else to fix? Worth upgrading?

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Blown Explorer rad - what else to fix? Worth upgrading?

Unread post by WGN355 » March 2nd, 2013, 3:10 pm

Hey all on a trip today from cowra to bathurst the car suddenly overheated. All i can trace it down to is a blown radiator. luckily i had the camper trailer on the back as i needed to drop of a motorbike i sold on the way and had some spare water in the trailer i could refill it with. Once refilled and back up to pressure i could see the water leaking from in front of the fan somewhere. We got it home after stopping a few times to top it back up. I'm hoping i haven't damaged the engine.

So we got onto our local radiator place natrad for a price on a new radiator. think it was bout $500, or bit less than $800 fitted. He did tell the mrs they're difficult to replace as you need other parts as well as the radiator - is this true? Surely they couldn't be harder than your average car radiator? Also would it be worthwhile uprgrading to a bigger radiator while i'm at it.

Oh its a 2003 v8 limited.

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