Can't Select 2WD

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Can't Select 2WD

Unread post by Kieren » October 31st, 2012, 9:08 pm

So I just got my TJ back from the crash repairs, after 4 months...

Although it seems he managed to screw up my 4WD selection...

I can't get the car into 2WD, I've played with the shift linkage, and I've confirmed that it is set correctly, I can get the car into High Range, Neutral, and Low Range.

Leaving the transfer case in High Range, I un-did the shift linkage, moved the 4WD lever into High Range, then did the shift linkage back up. Thus, my 4WD level SHOULD be in the correct spot... But, I physically can't get it to move into 2WD (By hand, or using the 4WD lever)

So I was wondering if anyone has any ideas??

The mechanic had the gearbox and transfer case out of the car while replacing the bellhousing, but I wouldn't have thought he would have opened the transfer case and moved the mechanism..

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