What's the best way/products for Painting factory steel wheels?

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What's the best way/products for Painting factory steel wheels?

Unread post by random dude » December 19th, 2017, 6:50 pm


I have an rc colorado base model, and the steel wheels are starting to look crappy/rusty. What's the best product to re-do these to restore factory look?

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Re: What's the best way/products for Painting factory steel wheels?

Unread post by Peter Aawen » December 26th, 2017, 8:08 am

The BEST way to get them looking factory fresh again is to get them grit blasted & rust treated, then either powder coated or finished with a baked enamel paint..... but you'd probably hafta find some company to do that for you, it's not really something most can do at home! Still, the grit blasting bit is often cheaper than you might expect, and once all the prep stuff like that is done properly, it generally isn't all that expensive to get a few wheels finish coated - especially if you can wait until your 'little' finishing job can be done along with a heap of other stuff so that you don't hafta cop all the prep & set-up costs etc!! Otherwise, given the good prep, it really isn't all that hard to make the finish look pretty good - it's just that the finishes you can put on at home are generally WAAAAAYYY softer & less robust than the factory finishes, so they just don't last as well! :o

So if you don't mind the 'look' being something you hafta touch up every few 4WD Trips, then just clean back the surface as best you can, possibly with a flappy wheel or maybe a wire wheel or brush, then use any good quality rust preventative & cover it with a spray enamel in your chosen colour. For the longest lasting 'home applied' finish you are likely to get, White Knight Rust Guard epoxy metal finishes finishes are a pretty good product that I've often seen used for this sort of job; but if you want something cheaper & easier to put on or a greater range of colours, then just about any Exterior House Paint is also a reasonably common choice & is generally readily available anywhere, and it sorta looks OK too, just check out Milo! Otherwise, there is a fairly large range of pretty good products in spray cans out there, but your local Auto Accessories shop or maybe even a paint or car repair shop is probably going to be the best source of info you can find locally on what's good & what's not in whatever stuff is readily available wherever you are.... But if you are really after getting them back to looking as good as they did when they came out of the factory AND having the finish lasting longer than a trip or two, then maybe you should be checking out the blasting & re-coating factories or workshops in your area. ;)

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Re: What's the best way/products for Painting factory steel wheels?

Unread post by Flash6 » December 26th, 2017, 8:43 am

what i used to do was deflate the tyre, push back from the rim, sand down with 400 grit first, then 800 grit. Put acid etch primer on. Rub down with 800 grit again. Paint and lacquer. I used Lechler Hydrofan paints in the UK and don't know what paints are available in Oz that are similar. However, failing Lechler, I'd use an epoxy enamel once i'd got it down to the 800 grit. HTH

In the UK, to acid dip, grit blast and power coat a std steel wheel would cost approx 50 quid per rim. Seeing as Oz appears to be more expensive on such things than the UK, depending on what tools you have at home, it might be worth while seeing if there's anyone who can at least grit blast the wheels for you which you can then paint as blasting the wheels will give a really good key for the paint to adhere to.

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Re: What's the best way/products for Painting factory steel wheels?

Unread post by hoyks » December 26th, 2017, 9:25 am

I priced having some 15" rims blasted back to bare metal and powder coated and it was about the same price to buy new ROH steel rims.

Another option is PLASTI DIP. I know of a few guys that have used it and are happy with the result. It is far from the 'full life' solution that powder coating or good poly spray paint is, but it looks good for a while, hides a multitude of sins and is easy to re-do.
https://www.plastidip.net.au/ Plenty of 'how to' clips on the 'tube.

If you are happy with the stock rims, just want new ones, then keep an eye on ebay or gumtree. I picked up a set of new steel rims for my BT50 for $10 each, they even came with a bag of 24 new wheel nuts and center caps. Getting them swapped isn't that much, or you can just have them in the shed until you buy new tyres and fit them up onto the newer rims.

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