Pet hates

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Peter Aawen
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Re: Pet hates

Unread post by Peter Aawen » June 21st, 2014, 2:17 am

Further to MI's comment, While I'm an advocate for overtaking at the first safe opportunity whenever you catch up with a vehicle, even if it's just a little slower than you, that slowing down then gets my goat too!! And the willies who catch up with someone & then don't pass are just making the whole driving thing for everyone a heap more dangerous too, & that's almost as annoying. But so is the idiot who speeds up when you start to pass! Forgollysake, I just caught up with the slower car in front, even if it took 20 mins, so there IS a speed differential, & if you let me pass safely & quickly then I'll be outta your way shortly, only now that I'm trying to pass with the minimum of fuss so I don't create a 2 (or more) car rolling road block for anyone going faster than me (& the car I'm trying to pass) & yet the silly willy in front speeds up to make what should have been a safe exercise something potentially far more deadly.... & breaks the law in the process - it's illegal to speed up once someone has commenced an overtaking attempt on you!! :(

And as someone who frequently is the heavy & slower moving vehicle in front of others who've caught up with me on long distance trips, I try to do what I can to let vehicles that catch up with me pass quickly & safely; but noo, there are sooo many who seem to need a written invitation on copperplate to even think about overtaking, despite the obvious attempts to let them by AND the growing line of frustrated faster travellers building up behind!! :rolleyes:

So for my 2 bob, if you catch up with a slower vehicle, no matter how little slower it is, either back right off - a couple of hundred yards at lest; OR pass at the very first safe opportunity & get on your way. And if you are the car that gets caught by faster traffic from behind you, even if they are just a little bit faster or you think you are doing the legal limit, just LET THEM PAST WITHOUT SPEEDING UP!! Maybe even wave them by at the first safe opportunity & lift off the loud pedal as they go by; DO NOT ACCELERATE, concentrate on not letting your speed get faster even if it is subconscious.... Their speedo might be more accurate than yours, but even if it isn't, their speeding is their look-out, & if you aggravate them (& probably others too) by making that rolling road block, you are just increasing the likelihood that they'll eventually attempt to pass in a 'less than safe manner' or speed even more once they are past to make up for the time they lost while you blocked them.... & either will be increasing the risks they pose to yourself &/or others....
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Re: Pet hates

Unread post by kerry460 » June 22nd, 2014, 8:52 am

well said Peter . and my compliments for your willpower in the polite words you used to describe the guilty ones .
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Re: Pet hates

Unread post by The Missus » June 26th, 2014, 4:52 pm

Mungrel wrote:People in general.
Me too ;)
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Re: Pet hates

Unread post by emjan » February 3rd, 2016, 3:58 am

Drivers on dirt roads who hog the centre of the track/road, won't move over, and drive at breakneck speed. Yeah, we all love a cracked/chipped windscreen. Happens all the time here in the NT and tradies and tourists are the worst offenders. I'd like a sign on my 4wd "move over****' but maybe that'd be pushing it with the local constabulary.
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