Hypothetical Scenario.

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Unread post by nilla60 » June 22nd, 2008, 12:04 pm

Peter @ Aawen4x4 wrote: I saw it first in the forests of Malaysia, where the 4wheelers there use wide bladed hoes to move a helluva lot of monsoonal mud to create their wheel tracks, and they sometimes even have a couple of fellas in front of the truck just shifting the top layer, working like buggry to make the wheel tracks AS THE VEHICLE DRIVES ALONG THE TRACKS TOWARDS THEM!!
We did something like that once driving up a steep snow covered hill (we'd left the chains at home with Murphy). A bit of spade work was all it took to let the cheese cutters grab on to the rocky fire trail underneath. So I ended scooting along the track in front with a spade shoving the snow aside. Still took us a few hours to travel less than 1km.

A note on chains. Wheel spin is super bad with chains. They will eventually grab and you'll eventually break something.

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Unread post by Josho » June 24th, 2008, 11:16 pm

I'd go with my mates "Point and shoot" driving style!

Aim the car at the hill and give it all the Go pedal it has to offer! hahaha

Na i give laying down wood a go but sure enough with only A/T's bolted that would most likely fail. Make a fire and wait till ya frantic Mrs sends a search party!
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Unread post by bmatthewtaylor » July 25th, 2008, 12:22 pm

Magnat wrote:The Scene

You and a Mate are out 4x4ing. You Have a 93 LWB Suzuki Vitara and he has a 91 Seirra.. Both Stock and Both Manual.
Your on a Trail and it leads down into a valley with a river that runs through the middle.. too deep to cross. On Your decent the Weather is slightly overcast but you don't think its going to rain..

The Way down is a nice well kept trail that has some loose vegetation each side of the path, no real thick trees just sapplings and dead wood
At the Bottom of the Hill is 3 tree's that the path winds through..
So your Decent was easy, Low range 1st gets you down and you continue on your way exploring all the Valley has to Offer..

The Problem
Whilst you were exploring the far side of the Valley close to the river a rain storm passes over the trail leading back out. You arrive at the base of the decent, and discover, it has been turned into Clay. This is your only path out.. There is a 50 metre ascent you have to make to get to ground that will offer your All Terrain Tyres enough grip to pull you out..

Remebering it is Clay, so the further you travel, the more full your tyres get..

The Equipment on Board
Your Equipment is : Each Vehicle has the standard recovery kit. So D-bolts and 9 Tonne Snatch.
Both have All Terrains fitted..
You have food and Water to wait out 2 days if needed..
You have UHF's
And a Hand winch with 2 metres of Wire and a 4 Tonne Pulling load..

How would you get Out ??
I was going to suggest using a pulley and cable to do a slingshot pull.
hill upwards direction = >
zook 1 .... zook 2 ...... pulley ... big tree.
with cable from zook 1 to pulley back to zook 2. pulley anchored to big tree.
but then I read this.
>no real thick trees just sapplings and dead wood.
so plenty of dead wood - and sapplings.
layer out plenty of sapplings, let tyres down to 15psi, maybe less if you have confidence in tyres staying on. only use long lengths of sapplings to avoid staking tyres.
mcgyver would take the wheels off the second zook, bolt them onto the first zook to make extra wide dual wheels. then crawl up the hill in L2.
I have a 40m length of 12mm cable - have been thinking of carrying it for this type of situation - long reach for winching off a tree.

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Unread post by foogill » July 25th, 2008, 7:50 pm

Delflate a spare and wedge it between the two vehicles, the rear bumper of the front vehicle, the front bumper of the rear vehicle. Lash, chain, rope, whatever you've got, the tire into place and reinflate it. Think of two locomotives at the front of a train, same thing, the tire's your coupling. Try getting out of a spot like that as a last resort, chances are you'll break some thing on the first go and have to start over again with the other vehicles spare.

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Re: Hypothetical Scenario.

Unread post by jfoldbar » February 8th, 2015, 7:13 pm

dredge the river of sand/silt/rock, for road base on the clay surface. once you have a nice hard surface to drive on you dont even need 4wd

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Re: Hypothetical Scenario.

Unread post by kiran92 » March 5th, 2015, 6:34 pm

I died laughing at some of this !

Ok; so.

I'm pretty sure those zooks are petrol.

Dismantle your sierra and get your fuel tank out.

McGyver yourself some metal cones from body panels/underbody plates.

use some drink cans, dig them into the hill, fill them with petrol, about 10m apart, up the hill, if you can, do two rows, or one in the centre.

run some wires from the battery of the sierra (well back from slope and hide behind the gutted vehicle's carcass, to all the cans of petrol (which should be capped by firmly dug in cones.

spark the wrises to the battery

Blow the hill apart.

Wait for some people to come and investigate, amuse yourselves by watching them get down the blown up hill.

Once they do there should be sufficient tracks for you to drive back up.
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Re: Hypothetical Scenario.

Unread post by SparkieKev » March 12th, 2015, 2:53 am

Set fire to them, walk out, claim on insurance and put money towards a patrol with lockers
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