How do I do a Coolant Change - 2011 3L PK Ranger?

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How do I do a Coolant Change - 2011 3L PK Ranger?

Unread post by pk11 » June 5th, 2018, 9:30 am

Hi People,

Any advice on how to change the coolant in a 3L 2011 PK Ranger?

I've read the workshop pages, seems easy enough. I did have a go, opened the drain plug on the bottom of radiator and all I got out of it was 2 litres of fluid - that's it. I'm assuming the balance is in the block and heater core. Re-filled the radiator and go for a drive, temp gets up to 88/90 degrees and the thermostat should be a bit open, re open the drain plug, same amount comes out.

What am I missing? Ideally I'd like to completely flush the block of all old remnants etc before I add the new coolant. I've seen plenty of comments around block drain plugs, removing bottom radiator hoses etc etc and I'm hoping to hear what fellow PK/BT50 owners have actually done.



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Re: How do I do a Coolant Change - 2011 3L PK Ranger?

Unread post by desertfrog » June 8th, 2018, 3:36 pm

Pk11, hi. A lot of later model cars have the thermostat on the bottom hose and all most no cars use bleeder hole in thermostat any more.
Best way is to remove the thermostat but you don’t have to. It’s a bit buried.
First instruction is try to use the same coolant that you are replacing. NEVER MIX COOLANTS.

Yep drop the plug and keep an eye on the rubber washer. If it isn’t on the plug it should be stuck on the drain port
Then you want to take one of the heater hoses at the heater core. Try not to distort the heater core pipe, also take off the highest of the small hoses on the egr cooler. Then put your garden hose on the heater hose and flush until all water is clean. Use your hand to block off the hoses and heater ports and egr port to flush water through all galleries.
Then put the plug in and fill with clean wate. When water comes out a hose or port, block it until it comes from the other side.
The run it with the rad cap off and all hoses reconnected.
Keep the water topped up until it’s a bit hot.
Then drive round the block a few times.
If you want to be really thorough fill with distilled water and do the drive. Distilled
Water is better at dissolving any salt deposits that may have solidified.

Then drain and and you may need to blow through the heater core to clear the core and block.
Then with the same two hoses unplugged again fill with your coolant. It should hold a bit over 5lt.

Never take the cap off when it’s at operating temp and triple check the coolant level after a few drives. Don’t forget the clamps. 🙂
Never mix coolants unless your sure they are the same.

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