Anyone else with New BT-50 had Auto problems??

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Anyone else with New BT-50 had Auto problems??

Unread post by frannick » May 18th, 2013, 12:31 pm

New BT -50 ute - At 6500 klm the Auto transmission has failed and after three weeks, has been replaced by Mazda. The Rockhampton Dealer was great. Mazda Australia is a problem.It seems to me after speaking to other Mazda drivers, and reading various sites that Mazda have a real Quality control problem. If I was willing to risk reliability I would have brought a cheap Chinese ute. I am aware that these things can happen but that is why we pay a premium for certain vehicles. I suspect that they dont have full control of the electrics in this car. I have waited three weeks for Mazda to repair the vehicle and they have not bothered to advise me just what the actual fault was, which means to me that they dont know. As for compensation, what a joke. Has anyone out there had electrical or other issues with the new BT-50 Auto transmission.

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Re: Anyone else with New BT-50 had Auto problems??

Unread post by Kdx » March 2nd, 2014, 8:50 am

Hi reply to the bt 50 faults I have a 09 auto 4 door bt 50 bought new. Back in 2011 it was suffering from hard starting. As an auto electrician I knew it was drawing a lot of current while starting, I know it wasn't leads or battery or even starter, I told my dealership that there was something wrong and that it was loosing coolant ( always serviced by the Mazda dealer). They said I was wrong and vehicle was good. Then 2012 she let out a Big Bang, took it back to the dealer ship, they could not find a fault; I then took it to my regular mechanic, he said it was a cracked head leaking oil in the radiator which he extracted, took it back to Mazda, they pulled down the motor realised that there was a crack in the head, replaced the head but they didn't time the engine correctly & so blew the motor up. Repaired it again, I drove it home but the turbo was faulty too, by that time Mazda Head Office rang me and said that there would be enquiry into my vehicle. The turbo was then replaced, I haven't used it much since then, I put on 12000 km and now 2 injectors r gone. It has disappointed me from the start, it can't tow anything I can't go over 80 km an hour when towing my v 16 c Hanes Hunter boat; I wish I had my Holden rodeo back, a 2.8 turbo.

I not putting down Mazda, but I brought it brand new. OK, sometimes there's lemons but we should be treated right or return faulty machines. When we brought this vehicle I gave my local dealership an email with a list of requirements that the vehicle should perform. Sadly, it has let us down. I'm sorry, but I'm so upset about this vehicle, other mechanics say manual bt's are ok, don't buy auto's. Thank you guys.

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Re: Anyone else with New BT-50 had Auto problems??

Unread post by WTP » June 7th, 2015, 12:03 pm

2013 auto, twin cab BT50 with 18,000 km. Yesterday, the Traction Control light came on, so I pulled over to push the traction control button and remove it from the dash. Gearshift locked in Park and I was stuck! Called NRMA and it turned out to be a blown brake light fuse. Of course, the brake pedal needs to be depressed to activate the gear shift. Without power, the gearshift had no idea that I was depressing the brake pedal.

I'm not sure where the NRMA mechanic pinched a "spare" fuse from, to get the brake lights working, but now my air conditioner won't work! It had to happen on Saturday of the long weekend. Will give the vehicle to Mazda on Tuesday to sort out.

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Re: Anyone else with New BT-50 had Auto problems??

Unread post by Peter Aawen » June 7th, 2015, 3:52 pm

^^ That's probably a good indicator for where the good fuse came from then!! You should be able to get a replacement fuse for that from just about any servo, & the fuse block cover should tell you which fuse & what size/amps it needs for the A/C, replace that fuse with one of the right amps & away you go!! ;)
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