'99 Bravo stuck on LPG.

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'99 Bravo stuck on LPG.

Unread post by Coopsanddi » January 22nd, 2018, 11:26 am

Hi everyone. My Mazda Bravo B2600 is stuck on LPG. It's factory fitted by IMPCO.

I'm in a real delemia!! I have 2 things happening but first let me explain something stupid I did. A Month or so back I had to replace a battery. In my comatose state I just couldn't understand why the terminal leads did not reach the battery. Idiot, I tried to hook up +to - and vise versa. There was a bang and I quickly adjusted the battery so correct leads connected the correct terminal.

I then had to replace the 80amp fuse under the bonnet as it had blown and the vehicle wouldn't start. Once I did this the old girl started no worries. Drove around for days before the LPG was getting low, quarter tank, so flicked the switch to the neutral position to wait for gas to exit the lines, vehicle did not degrade in any way, so flicked the switch all the way to ULP. Could tell it was still running LPG. No worries I'll just fill up with LPG. Went to the fuel station, connected the nozzle but when I pulled the trigger to fill tank with LPG, the gas was locked out and could enter the gas tank. The browser worked fine as tested by attendant.

Now I'm really stuffed. I've tested wires with a multi-meter, looked and tested fuses, even tested relays and switches with the multi-meter and they seem all fine (the one's I can see anyway). I'm no mechanic and have learnt from YouTube what/how to do things. I can't get under the vehicle as I have no ramps, is there any fuses or relays under there?

I did find some wires melted together under the dash (Red and Black) with the 3rd wire (White) that was Earthed to the back of the brake) and thought I'd found the problem but unfortunately not. The only thing I can now think of is the control unit itself maybe fried. It's it possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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