Hyundai Terracan Auto - Manual conversion

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Hyundai Terracan Auto - Manual conversion

Unread post by LBS » February 15th, 2015, 11:52 am

Hey Guys, Just thought I'd post this up in case anyone was interested. I recently converted my 2001 V6 Auto AWD/4WD highlander to a manual 2WD/4WD. This was after 3 Terracan dealerships said it was impossible and 2 said maybe it could be done. It's been running fine for about 5 months now. It is a dream to drive and the only evidence of the conversion is the N neutral light on the dash.

To cut a long story short my transfer case chain was stretched on the Auto and was skipping teeth. I had a manual box in a 2002 V6 Terracan I was wrecking and decided to use it rather than spend the money. For those who don't know the part time 4WD transfer case won't bolt up to the Auto box as the bolt holes are all different for a start.

As it turns out it is a reasonably simple conversion. Here are some tips.

1. The clutch pedal bolts strait in after the small computer on the firewall has been moved to the side of the console. I just straitened the mounting bracket and tech screwed the computer on. All good.

2. There are hole blanks for the clutch master cylinder on the firewall - just remove the sound insulation and drill them out. Use a hole saw for the bigger one.

3. The brackets are already there for the clutch line on the firewall. Bit of a pain to thread it through as there is not much space but you will manage after a few tries.

4. You will need to take the clutch line mounting bracket from the firewall of the Manual model and mount it to the firewall of the Auto model. Pretty easy, I just cut mine out with plenty of metal around it and screwed it in place with tech screws.

5. Cut a hole in the floor for the gearstick. There is a joint in the metal that you can follow that matches the Manual model. Easy.

6. Swap the rear housing from the Auto transfer case to the manual transfer case. This enables the wiring loom to match up. You will only have 2WD High and 4WD low (you will lose 4WD High) but most of you can live with that I am sure.

7. Clutch/flywheel gearbox etc bolts strait in.

8. Use tech screws to mount the lower rubber gearstick boot in place.

9. Use cable ties to secure the old electronic Auto wiring loom to the chassis where it will be out of the way.

10. Take the Neutral Safety Switch off the Auto case. Plug it back into the Auto wiring loom. Switch the ignition on and turn the switch until the dash light shows N for the neutral position. This allows you to be able to start and drive the car without confusing the computer. All other Transmission switches and plugs must be removed from the wiring loom (left in the Auto transmission when you pull it out) as the engine won't start if you leave them plugged into the loom.

11. Use a cable tie to hold in the cable that went from the T bar to the brake pedal.

12. I used the rubber gearstick boot from a Suzuki Sierra to go in the woodgrain Auto console which has a different shape to the manual one. Works a treat. looks factory.

Thats about it. Very Simple really. Off course the front diff/drive shafts still turn because of the lack of an axle disconnect or free wheeling hubs. I haven't bothered to do anything with this yet. Maybe one day I'll swap the front diff as well but for now its all good. Uses noticeably less fuel than the Auto version.

The only bummer is that to use the cruise control you have to start the car then get underneath and switch the neutral safety switch to D and then not shut the engine off until you are done using cruise. Then you have to switch it back to N to start it again. Way too much bother for me to worry about. I don't need cruise. Also don't use the clutch while in cruise, use the brake first.

Having done the conversion I would say it would be a much more complex procedure to convert a manual to an Auto. The Auto box is electronic and computer controlled. It has an extensive wiring loom that the manual body does not have.

Hope this is useful to someone. If you want to contact me with questions I am hardly ever on here so email me

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Re: Hyundai Terracan Auto - Manual conversion

Unread post by dammit01 » March 18th, 2015, 4:12 pm

hi great read I have a auto terracan I think I would keep it that way as the wife prefer,s auto if it did pack it in I would get it rebuilt specific for towing and down hill work

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Re: Hyundai Terracan Auto - Manual conversion

Unread post by cmar » April 21st, 2015, 9:33 pm

For those who don't know the part time 4WD transfer case won't bolt up to the Auto box as the bolt holes are all different for a start.
Get the auto or auto extension housing from a Kia Sorento, it the same unit as in the Terracan but normally comes out with the part time T/Case, only a few Kias in this country used the auto 4WD transfer case.
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